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From Hands:
        From Hands is the solo project of virtuosic guitarist Mike San Miguel, whose progressive style includes metal, jazz, classical, djent, electronica, and world influences. Bold concepts of harmonic tension mix with ambitious attempts of dexterity in an expression of what the hands and ears might achieve. A determination to create something not only artistic, but powerfully cohesive in its intricacies. Mike's music is an expression of progress, discipline, and evolution. He shows his genres and influences through new ideas on rhythm, the use of cutting edge instruments, and hours of high expectations for uncooperative hands.
       Mike has spent years studying his art while attending New Orleans Center for Creative Arts in high school. At the age of seventeen, Mike attended Berklee College of Music's 5 Week summer program on scholarship. Mike graduated from Northeastern University where he studied classical, avant garde, and electroacoustic composition as well as jazz, funk, rock, fusion, and world music performance. While in college, Mike spent years playing in Dream: Performing and Honoring the music of Mahavishnu Orchestra. He has performed and recorded with various bands, musicals, and as a solo artist. 
       Mike has maintained an artist relationship with Warrior Guitars since 2012. Currently, he has a new guitar under design and prototyping with Curren Effinger Guitars. He uses a Fractal Audio Axe FxII and D'Addario NYXL strings. 


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