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"Michael San Miguel is a really down to earth, straight-forward guy. Every lesson has at least a few golden nuggets of wisdom for you to chew on before the next one. Michael really eased me in to the type of work load I would get in college and I am all the more successful because of it. If you're looking for a no nonsense teacher, Michael is your guy."

     - Mac Sweeney, Belmont Student

"Michael taught me in a time were if I hadn't had him I honestly don't know what I'd be doing right now. He's patient when it comes to the more conplicated subjects in music and will take time to really explain. He uses programs that are easy to understand and that are gratifying to solve."

     - Daniel Lyster-Mensch, Musician

"Michael San Miguel is the best of both worlds when it comes to guitar instruction: he is a world class musician and a highly credentialed music educator which is the perfect recipe for a phenomenal guitar teacher. He is a consummate professional that appropriately pushes his students to reach their individual goals and potential by infusing his extensive knowledge of all genres of music in a relaxed non-judgemental atmosphere. He consistently exhibits a patient demeanor and gains that all important individual rapport with each student allowing them to feel at ease while gaining the necessary musical knowledge, confidence, and guitar skills to be successful as a professional musician in the ever-changing highly competitive music business. His method has given me the most gains in the shortest amount of time of any guitar teacher that I've studied with in my years of playing guitar and I feel confident in his ability to open up all facets of your playing as a professional musician."


      - Robert Hawkins, Professional Musician and Educator

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