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       Mike believes in teaching students how to achieve healthy growth in fun and disciplined ways. Having been a Teach for America Corps member and middle school science teacher, he brings a different set of skills to his private lessons than most music teachers. Mike creates personalized lesson plans for all his students, ranging from age 4 to 94. He has experience teaching all levels of guitarists, from beginners to professionals looking to continue honing their art. Mike offers instruction in a multitude of genres, including rock, jazz, metal, blues, funk, fusion, rhythm and blues, progressive, music theory.
       Mike offers in-person lessons in the greater Nashville area, as well as Skype/Facetime lessons. Please contact for availability and pricing! 
Examples of Lesson Topics and Skills:
Beginner Lesson Topics:
-Basic Dexterity
-Beginning Chord Structures
-Basic Chord Chart Reading
-Playing With Recordings
-Basic Rhythm Reading and Performance
-Tab Reading
-Finger Picking
Intermediate Lesson Topics:
-Minor Pentatonic Scale Navigation
-Chord Construction
-Metronome Use
-Major Scale Harmonization
-Minor Scale Harmonization
-Introduction to Modes
-Alternate Picking
-Basic Tapping
-Blues Phrasing
Advanced Lesson Topics:
-Sight Reading on Guitar
-Modal Interchange
-Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, and Hungarian Minor Modes
-Double Thumping on Guitar
-Extended Range Guitar Fingerboard Navigation
-Rhythm Integrated Alternate Picking
-Sweep Picking
-Rhythmic Phrasing
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